State Bank Officers Training Scheme SBP (OG-2) Syllabus and Nts Past Papers 2019

Applications for State Bank Officers Training Scheme (OG-2) have started and the last date to apply for SBP (OG-2) is 11-March-2019. In this article, we have posted the latest SBP (OG-2) Syllabus and Nts solved Past Paper for State Bank Officers Training Scheme (OG-2).

SBP (OG-2) Syllabus:

The SBP (OG-2) Syllabus consists of 3 parts and a combination of 100 mcqs, There is no negative marking in NTS test.

Part 1:

English: This section may include mcqs of English on passage and answers, correction of sentences, Idioms, Synonyms, antonyms, prepositions

Part 2:

Quantitative English & General Intelligence: 
In this section, the number of basic data selection questions includes average, rate and proportion, distance, and work, age.

Part 3:

General Knowledge, Current Affairs Pakistan’s Economy: 
This section includes MCQs about current issues on general knowledge of Pakistan on issues such as  Planet Earth, Sun, Current Events, Sports etc.

SBP (OG-2) Solved Past Paper:

  1. When Bengal was partitioned?
    (a) 1905 (b)1907 (b) 1910 (b) 1911
  2. Who presented poor man budget
    (a) Raja Ahmed (b) Liaquat Ali (c) Ch. Muhammad Ali (d) None of these
  3. When U.N.O. was formed?
    (a) 1943 (b) 1944 (c) 1945 (d) 1946
  4. Who was editor of Zamindar ?
    (a) Ali Johar (b) (b) Zafar Ali Khan (c) Masood (d) Iqbal
  5. How many members are in E.U ?
    (a) 23 (b) 25 (c) 27 (d) 29
  6. Name the President of Cuba?
    (a)Federal Castro (b) Rahul Castro (c) Joseph Richmand (d) None of these
  7. Name of the President of India?
    (a) Abu al-Kalam (b) Sonia Gandhi (c) Manmohan Singh (d) Parthebia Patil
  8. Name the last Viceroy of India?
    (a) V.P. Menon (b) Lod Amery (c) Wavel (d) Mountabatten
  9. When did Simon Commission arrive in India?
    (a) 1926 (b) 1927 (c) 1928 (d) 1930
  10. Suez Canal Connects two seas ?
    (a) Red sea and Black sea
    (b) Mediterranean and red sea
    (c) Dead Sea and White sea
    (d) Atlantic and Pacific
  11. Charge on Neutron? (Neutral)
  12. Current flow means? (Flow of electron)
  13. What is freezing point of Water? (0C)
  14. When Muslim league comes into being? (1906)
  15. The first president of Pakistan Muslim League? Khaliquzzaman (1949)
  16. Which melts at room temperature? Mercury
  17. Who is the chairman of Senate of Pakistan? Sadiq Sanjrani
  18. What is Soap? Salt
  19. What type of gas in the electric bulb?  (Argon, neon etc)
  20. Who is Saudia King? Salman
  21. Who put martial law in 1977? Zia ul Haq
  22. Who abrogated constitution in 1958 and put martial law? Sikandar Mirza
  23. Who is chancellor of Germany? Angela Markel
    Second prime minister of Pakistan? Nazim uddin
  24. Who murdered Hazrat Ali R.A? Abdal-Rahman ibn Muljam
  25. Zakat obliged in ? A.H
  26. Battle of Trench? 5 Hijri
  27. Australia Capital? Canberra
  28. Who accompanied in Hijrat to Hazrat Muhammat PBUH? Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A

Who is the captain of Peshawer Zalmi in PSL 2019?

A. Fakhar Zamam
B. Sarfarz Ahmed
C. Darren Sammy
D. None of the above

Who is the Captain of Quetta Gladiators in PSL 2019?

A. Shane Watson
B. Sarfaraz Ahmed
C. Sunil Narine
D. None of the above

Who is the Current Ambassador of Pakistan to Iran?

A. Shamshad Ahmed
B. Riffat Masood
C. Najamuddin Sheikh
D. None of the Above

Who became the first Pakistani surgeon to receive the prestigious honorary membership of the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS)?

A. Dr Arif Munir
B. Dr Adib Rizvi
C. Dr M. Usman Khan
D. Dr. Fawad Nasrullah

Who is the First and only MMA (Mix Martial Arts) fighter from Pakistan, to register a victory in an international event “one warrior series of MMA”, held at Singapore, By beating Geeta Sohaar Sonu.

A. Anita Karim
B. Ayesha Aziz
C. Marina Iqbal
D. Sana mir

Which of the following Country boycotted OIC meeting of Council of Foreign Ministers 2019?

A. Turkey
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Pakistan
D. None of these

How many Foreign Personalities got Nishan-e-Pakistan?

A. 22
B. 24
C. 25
D. 20

Squadron leader Hasan Siddiqui was featured in a Defence Day 2016 Video Song paying tribute to the bravery and professionalism of the Pakistan Air Force. name it?

A. Oonchi Uran
B. In Fazaon Se Aage
C. Fizaon Ke Mohafiz
D. Junoon Zouq-e-Parwaaz Hai

Name the Squadron Leader of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) who shot down Indian jets on 27 Feb 2019?

A. Sq. Ldr Hassan Siddiqui
B. Sq. Ldr Sikander Khan
C. Sq. Ldr Javeed Khan
D. None of these

Name the district of AJ&K (Azad Jammu and Kashmir) where Indian aircraft was crashed?

A. Leepa, Hattian Bala
B. Khanjar, Bhimber district
C. Khuiratta, Kotli District
D. None of these

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