Most Important Geography General Knowledge MCQ’S For Nts, Fpsc Test 2019

In this portion we are covering most Important Geography General Knowledge MCQ’S For Nts, Fpsc Test and various other tests. Most of the MCQS are repeated in various past papers of Nts, Fpsc, UTS and many more. we have covered the most Important Geography MCQS in this article.

Geography General Knowledge MCQ’S:

1.In the Composition of the earth, Aluminum is:
(a) 27.5% (b) 20.3%
(c) 14.5% (d) 8.1%

2.The deepest part of the Ocean is:
(a) Vostok (b) Puerto Rico Trench
(c) Mariana Trench (d) Sundas Trench

3.After Australia, which of the following is the smallest

(a) Antarctica (b) South America
(c) North America (d) Europe

4.The deepest place in the Indian Ocean is:
(a) Mariana Trench (b) Puerto Rico Trench
(c) Sunda Trench
(d) Isle Trench.

5.The highest waterfall of the world is:-
(a) Victoria (b) Tugela
(c) Angel (d) Niagara.

6.The areas around the North and South poles within the
Polar circles is called:
(a) The Torrid Zone (b) The Frigid Zone
(c) The Temperature Zone (d) None of the above

7.“Death Valley” in California, U.S.A is so called because of:-
(a) It is highly polluted area on earth
(b) It is extremely cold region on earth
(c) One of the hottest places in the world
(d) The existence of a large number of volcanaes

8.Identify the largest ocean:
(a) Pacific Ocean (b) Atlantic Ocean
(c) Indian Ocean (d) Artic Ocean

9.Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the:
(a) Strait of Gibraltar (b) Bering strait
(c) Davis strait (d) Dover strait

10.Caribbean Sea is linked with the Pacific Ocean by the:
(a) Suez Canal (b) Panama Canal
(c) Sunda Strait (d) None of the above one

11.‘Sea of Japan’ is famous for :
(a) Oil Reserves (b) Mineral Water
(c) Fishing Area (d) Icebergs in water

12.‘Red sea’ is between :
(a) Arabia and Africa
(b) Turkey and Russia
(c) China and Japan
(d) Germany and Scandinavia

13.Alexandria is a seaport of :
(a) Greece (b) Egypt
(c) Iran (d) Germany

14.Bering Strait separates Asia from:
(a) America (b) Africa
(c) Australia (d) None of the above one

15.The longest mountain range in the world is:
(a) Karakoram (b) Alps
(c) Andes (d) Hindukush.

16.Cyprus is an island in the:
(a) Mediterranean Sea
(b) South China Sea
(c) Red Sea
(d) Caribbean Sea.

17.Which of the following country shares the water of Caspian

(a) Russia (b) Iran
(c) Azerbaijan (d) All the above

18.Palk Strait separates India from :
(a) Sri Lanka (b) Maldives (c) Bangladesh (d) None of the above one

19.‘Dickson’ is a seaport of :
(a) Italy (b) Malaysia
(c) South Africa (d) Norway

20.‘Lake Superior’ is :
(a) The World’s deepest freshwater lake
(b) The World’s largest freshwater lake
(c) The world’s largest saltwater lake
(d) None of the above

21.‘Seattle’ is a seaport of :
(a) China (b) U.S.A
(c) Germany (d) Canada

22.Which of the following strait separates Italy from Sicily?
(a) Sunda (b) Messina
(c) Bonifacio (d) Johore

23.Identify the world’s longest river with the length of
6,521 km.

(a) Amazon (b) Mississippi
(c) Nile (d) none of the above

24.Which one is the longest river?
(a) Jhelum (b) Chenab
(c) Ravi (d) Sutlaj.

25.Which of the following is the smallest sea?
(a) South China Sea. (b) Arabian Sea.
(c) Sea of Marmara. (d) Caribbean Sea.

26.Which of the following river is located in Iraq?
(a) Lena (b) Oxus
(c) Volga (d) Euphrates

27.In which of the following country, ‘Victoria Falls’ is located?
(a) Canada (b) Zimbabwe
(c) U.S.A (d) Venezuela

28.Which of the following waterfalls is located between America and Canada?
(a) Victoria Falls (b) Ribbon Falls
(c) Niagara Falls (d) Angels Falls.

29.Identify the world’s Largest Dam :-
(a) Aswan (b) Kiev
(c) Tarbela (d) Mangla

30.In which of the following region ‘New Zealand’ is situated?
(a) Europe (b) South America
(c) Caribbean (d) Oceania

31.The world’s largest land frontier is between:
(a) America and Canada
(b) Russia and China
(c) Argentina and Brazil
(d) China and Mongolia

32.The world’s largest sliver producing country is.–
(a) Canada (b) Australia
(c) Russia (d) Mexico.

33.“Valetta” is the capital of:
(a) Finland (b) Malta
(c) Senegal (d) Congo

34.The ‘United Arab Emirates’ (U.A.E) Comprises of:
(a) Abu Dhabi (b) Sharjah
(c) Fujairah (d) All the above

35.Which of the following ‘Desert’ is the largest in area?
(a) The Sahara (b) Gobi
(c) Takla Makan (d) Thar

36.The famous “ Dost-i-Lut” desert is located in :
(a) Iran (b) China
(c) South Africa (d) Egypt

37.“Nanga Parbat” is the famous mountain Peak of:
(a) Karakoram range (b) Himalayas range
(c) HinduKush range (d) Sulaiman range

38.“Kasr-i-Mantra” is an official residence of:
(a) King of Saudi Arabia (b) AmirKuwait
(c) Iranian President (d) None of the above

39.Why ‘Black Sea’ is so called:
(a) A large number of black rocks in the water (b) The dense fog that prevails there in winter (c) The water of the sea is black (d) None of the above

40.Which of the following Country is largest by area?
(a) China (b) Canada
(c) America (d) Russia

41.Which of the following Country is a ‘Peninsula?
(a) Brazil (b) Japan
(c) Greenland (d) Saudi Arabia

42.Which of the following Country is largest by population?
(a) Russia (b) Indonesia
(c) China (d) India

43.Which part of the world is called “City of Angles”?
(a) Bangkok (b) Stockholm
(c) New York (d) Rome

44.Which part of the world is called “Cockpit of Europe”?
(a) Belgium (b) Ireland
(c) Netherlands (d) Greenland

45.The world’s largest fish catching country is:
(a) Russia (b) China
(c) Japan (d) Australia

46.The world’s longest railroad tunnel ‘Seikan’ is located in:
(a) England (b) Japan
(c) Switzerland (d) Russia.

47.Which Country is called “Land of Milk and Honey”?
(a) Lebanon (b) Japan
(c) Canada (d) Turkey

48.Which part of the world is called: “Playgroud of Europe”?
(a) Norway (b) Germany
(c) Switzerland (d) Poland

49.Which Part of the world is called “Land of Midnight Sun”?
(a) Thailand (b) Finland
(c) Norway (d) Japan

We have most important 49 Geography General Knowledge mcqs. we have added them from various past papers of NTS,UTS,FPSC,KPSC and many more . we will add more mcqs soon.